delivering value through data science

It’s no secret that gleaning insights from data can lead to vast increases in revenue for any organisation, but our report’s findings on the value generated by data science really emphasise why those who have embraced it are so zealous about transforming their businesses to be more data-driven.

Companies who did make an investment in data science early are now reaping the rewards.

Our research in conjunction with Data IQ reveals as much as 17.9% of a company’s revenue is expected to be attributed to a company with advanced data science capabilities - that’s more than double what those with Maturing data science capabilities expected (7.4%) and almost four times what those with Developing (4.6%) and Early-stage (4.1%) data science capabilities expected.

Download this research report to understand more about: 

  • How data science is driving value
  • Factors that influence data science capability
  • What data leaders are doing to embed data science within business strategy
  • The impact of advanced capabilities 
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