What is earl?

As we cannot meet in person safely, we have decided to move EARL online, a virtuEARL if you like! This way anyone around the world can join and enjoy some brilliant R stats content.

The Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference (EARL) is a cross-sector conference focusing on the commercial use of the R programming language. The conference is dedicated to the real-world usage of R with some of the world’s leading practitioners.

You can usually find EARL in the Tower Hotel London, but this October you can join us via Zoom for a series of workshops and a day of presentations.


Who is earl for?

If you use R in your organisation, the EARL Conference is for you and your team. Whether you’re coding, wrangling data, leading a team of R users, or making data-driven decisions, EARL offers insights you can action in your company.


The best in the business present their real-world projects, ideas and solutions at EARL each year and it’s the perfect opportunity to see how others are using R in production.

how much?

Our ticket prices are detailed on the ticket button below. Please note that the profits from EARL Online 2020 will be donated to 'Data for Black Lives'.


workshop one

The Science (and Art) of Data Visualisation in {ggplot2} 

Date and time: Tuesday 13th October 2020, 2pm-5pm BST

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workshop two

Text Analysis in R

Date and time: Wednesday 14th October 2020, 2pm-5pm BST

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workshop three

Good practices for {shiny} development
using {golem} - An Introduction

Date and time: Thursday 15th October 2020, 2pm-5pm BST

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workshop four

A quick introduction to tidymodels

Date and time: Thursday 8th October and Friday 9th October, both days 2pm-5pm BST

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presentation and keynote session

Friday 16th October, 9am-5pm BST

On the final day of EARL online we will host a full day of presentations. We have selected 13 R based talks for you to enjoy wherever you are! Our speakers are from a range of industries, so you can be sure to find talks to help your business out. After each presentation we will have time for questions, so you can engage with our speakers.





Annarita Roscino Keynote: My journey from data practitioner to data & analytics leader

Dr Lisa Clark For love or money? How to generate high revenue from a team of R developers

Jeremy Horne Building an engaging email marketing campaign using R

Eryk Walczak Using R to study financial regulations

Dave Goody How R shiny apps drive operational decision making

Steve Marriot and Samir Khimani Practical experience with insurance pricing in R

Joe Fallon & Gavin Thompson Supporting the self-employed during COVID-19

Max Kuhn Keynote