Can clinical submissions be made in r?

Advanced data science is transforming the pharmaceuticals industry and accelerating drug development – and the COVID-19 vaccines are only the beginning. But because the necessary, advanced analytics tech exist in open-source languages like R, many pharmaceutical companies struggle to unlock it due to the associated compliance overhead of the clinical environment.



We spoke to experts at Janssen, RocheBayer and other world-leading pharmaceutical organisations about their experiences using R in a clinical setting and discussed how tackling the challenges of accessing open-source analytics tools for clinical submissions should be a priority.

Watch the on-demand roundtable and hear their first-hand experiences using open-source analytics to push the boundaries of drug discovery, and find out:

  • Why open-source presents the next commercial advantage in the industry
  • How to work with R and stringent compliance standards
  • Why the simple perception of risk is still a huge obstacle
  • Why open-source is shifting the conversation away from cost, to agility and human capital
  • How custom R packages are used within their organisations 

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